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The founders of Park Tool, Howard and Art, never imagined in 1963 that the company would grow into the ultra-successful company that it is today, but they are determined to not take their spot at the top for granted. Looking into the future, Park Tool simply wants to produce the best bike repair tools possible and their commitment to that principle is stronger than ever. The company builds bicycle tools and maintenance equipment, it's all they do and all they are good at. Why expand when they have already mastered their craft. Any time you buy a Park Tool bicycle tool, know that they are honored to have you as their customer.

buy park tools

The PCS-10.3 features an integrated height-adjustable parts tray, as well as accessory ports for the Park Tool #106 Work Tray or PTH-1 Paper Towel Holder (both sold separately), so your tools and small parts are always within reach. Quickly folds down for storage and transport with a smooth-operating leg support system that pulls both legs up in one simple motion.

The origins of Park Tool go back to a time when bicycles were not quite the sophisticated high-performance machines they are today. This had its advantages. Apart from flat tyres and broken spokes, there was hardly anything to repair, and maintenance was usually limited to the mechanically not too demanding braking system. However, the need for special tools was already remarkable and increased immensely as rim brakes, advanced shifting systems and lightweight components became widespread in the 1960s.

Howard Hawkins and his business partner, Art Engstrom, made a virtue out of necessity and developed the tools they needed in the workshop themselves. The breakthrough came in 1963 with a bicycle stand which was so practical that it caused a sensation at trade fairs and fascinated big bicycle manufacturers like Schwinn: Park Tool Company was born.

The range was quickly expanded to include further repair stands, wrenches, gauges, fixtures and consumer tools. This practical approach to developing and selling high-quality solutions to problems faced by professionals and amateurs in their everyday repair and maintenance work is still present at Park Tool and characterizes every single product that the US company adds to its range. The claim could not be higher: Park Tool is about building the best bicycle tools in the world.

Tools in the bicycle service department serve many purposes. Primarily, tools are obviously used to assemble new bikes and to service used bikes. A tool that saves time and effort is making you money. Tools and tool layout also can make an impression on potential customers, even if they are only purchasing a water bottle or some other accessory. When setting up a service area, take the time to consider how the customer would view the service area. Strive to make the service area be a part of the store that you and your employees are proud of showing off to the customer.

There are certain tools you may want to select simply to be known as the best service department around. Some tools may be used only once or twice a year. However, if a customer comes in for that particular repair, and your shop has the right tool and can fix their problem, you have a very satisfied customer. You purchased goodwill when you purchased the tool.

One option for a new store or location is the Park Tool Master Tool Kit. This tool kit contains all our shop level tools, including cutting tools, or is available as the Base Master Kit without cutting tools. See all of our kit options in the Tool Kits section. Otherwise, follow the link below for a full checklist of tools you may want to consider acquiring.

Park Tool has made the best tools to work on your bike for almost half a century. Using the best manufacturing processes and the highest quality materials, Park Tool bike tools are reliable, resistant to wear and inspire confidence to work on your bike. Whether you need a simple Allen key set to work on your bike at the roadside or a wheel truing stand to build up a new set of wheels, Park Tool have you covered. So, shop Park Tools bike tools and workshop tools at ProBikeKit USA.

Park Tool has been manufacturing bicycle tools for more than 40 years, and is now the largest bike tool manufacturer in the world. The company puts its success down to its dedication to innovation, quality and customer service.

Big Blue is the world's number one bicycle-specific tool and maintenance company for good reason. They deliver clever solutions for today's changing and evolving components that constantly require news tools for service. Excel Sports is a proud purveyor of Park Tool products and currently offers over 400 in-stock products, ranging from repair stands and tools to lubricants and small parts.

The AK-3 sits exactly in this space and offers a smart selection of tools to service a range of modern bikes. Included are not only most of the basics, but also some often ignored tools for maintaining your bikes, and a few more specific tools to do general maintenance or even for building a bike.

For example, the chain cleaner, soft cleaning brush, sprocket brush, chain cleaning device, chain wear checker, chain breaker, and master link pliers are all tools likely to be used in regular chain maintenance. Park stops short of providing the cleaning and lubricant chemicals, if for no other reason than to ease shipping logistics.

Standard tools required for regular repairs are included, such as a quality long-length hex key set, a Torx Y-wrench, and common screwdriver sizes. Often forgotten, the tape measure is a nice addition, and the all-important bottle opener is on hand, too.

Park Tool outsources the manufacturing on a number of lower-end and consumer grade tools to tool specialists in Asia, while many of its professional-grade stuff is made in-house, at its St. Paul, Minnesota headquarters. In the case of a mid-tier kit like the AK-3 Advanced, the contents inside are a mix of domestic and international produced items.

Back in 1956, it seemed everything was simpler and bicycles were no exception. At the time Park owned three bicycle shops and a common day of repairs consisted of a few flat tires, a broken spoke and possibly a coaster-brake hub overhaul. As the 1960's arrived, so did caliper brakes, shifting systems, and lightweight components. And, one problem surfaced along with these sophisticated new parts: No tools! Park Tool's founders, Howard Hawkins, and his business partner, Art Engstrom, were both hands-on guys, usually figuring problems out for themselves. Both were up to the challenge as they crafted their own problem-solvers. Most of these early tools were built from scratch with whatever materials and leftovers they could find.One of the first time-savers they invented was a stand that held the bike off the ground allowing easy, back-saving access to any part of the bike. This original stand was put together using legs from a dining-room table, an empty shell casing and a truck axle from a 37 Ford! As other shops, and eventually Schwinn Bicycle Company, saw the stand in action, requests were made for a production model. Park Tool Company was born!Park's line-up grew quickly to include a truing stand, more repair stands including a double-arm shop version, wrenches, gauges, fixtures and consumer tools soon joined the company's offerings. In the early 1980's all three of the original Park retail shops were sold to concentrate on Park's expanding tool business.Park's history says a lot about who they are and what they do. They still insist on a hands-on philosophy of invention, testing and production. The 35 employees of Park Tool take great pride in designing and building the best bicycle tools in the world. Since that first stand, they've built hundreds of thousands more, reaching bike shops worldwide. Park Tool's pledge for the future is simple: Build the best tools.So whether you want to start fixing your own bicycles or just want the best tools available, Park has everything you need! Swing by our shop and we'll gladly introduce you to Park's fantastic products and explain what they can do for you!

The PCS-10 comes fully disassembled, so right off the bat you have the added inconvenience of putting the thing together. This task isn't all that complicated and it comes with detailed instructions and even the tools needed. We had prior experience with this work stand, so it took us 13 minutes to assemble, but we would suggest giving yourself about 20 minutes if you've never done it before. Once it was fully assembled we put it through our setup time trial and were able to get it fully set up in 30 seconds after a couple of practice runs. This is by no means a long time, although it takes roughly twice the time to set up than the Bike Hand YC-100BH or Feedback Sports Classic. In addition to the time, it's also sort of awkward to deal with, not nearly as simple as the stands that have tripod legs that easily slide into position.

Employing quality materials and manufacturing process, ParkTool has made the best bike tools for decades. As a result, Park Tool bike tools are reliable, resistant to wear and an excellent choice for any home workshop. Thankfully, we stock a huge range of Park Tool bike tools. So, whether you need wheel truing stand or a simple Allen key set, shop Park Tools bike tools and workshop tools at ProBikeKit Canada.

The more you ride, the more you've got to clean. Does anyone actually like cleaning their bike though? Everyone likes a clean bike but that's not the same thing. Procrastinating only makes it worse but there is a way to help make things a bit easier. The right tools always make maintenance jobs a little easier and there is a right tool for this job.

If you are here searching for the best chain cleaner you are probably thinking about the other tools on the list that house fluid and scrub the chain while the chain moves through. There are other options though and the Finish Line Grunge Brush is a great companion piece. The stiff bristles on the smaller brush will help with all the buildup on the jockey wheels and the horseshoe chain side is great for quickly getting dirt and mud off of the chain. Start with the Grunge brush then finish with a wet chain scrubber or use the Grunge Brush at the trailhead follow up with something else at home. 041b061a72


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