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O Amp;O ShutUp10 V1.3.1354

O&O ShutUp10 v1.3.1354: A Free Download That Will Make Your Windows 10 More Secure and Private

If you are using Windows 10, you might be concerned about the privacy and security of your data and activities. Windows 10 has many features and settings that collect and send your personal information to Microsoft and other third parties, such as Cortana, OneDrive, Windows Update, Location Services, Diagnostics, and more.

O amp;O ShutUp10 v1.3.1354

While some of these features and settings can be useful and convenient, some of them can also pose a risk to your privacy and security. For example, Windows 10 can track your browsing history, location, contacts, calendar, voice commands, keystrokes, and more. This can expose your sensitive data to hackers, advertisers, or government agencies.

Fortunately, there is a way to disable these features and settings and take control of your Windows 10 privacy and security. You can use O&O ShutUp10 v1.3.1354, a free software that lets you customize your Windows 10 privacy settings with a few clicks.

What is O&O ShutUp10 v1.3.1354?

O&O ShutUp10 v1.3.1354 is a privacy tool for Windows 10 that allows you to disable or enable various features and settings that can affect your privacy and security. With O&O ShutUp10 v1.3.1354, you can:

  • Disable Cortana and other speech recognition services that can record and send your voice commands to Microsoft.

  • Disable OneDrive and other cloud services that can sync and store your files online.

  • Disable Windows Update and other automatic updates that can download and install unwanted or malicious software on your PC.

  • Disable Location Services and other sensors that can track your location and movements.

  • Disable Diagnostics and Feedback that can collect and send your system information and usage data to Microsoft.

  • Disable Advertising ID and other identifiers that can track your online behavior and preferences.

  • Disable WiFi Sense and other network features that can share your WiFi credentials and internet connection with others.

  • Disable Camera and Microphone access for apps that can spy on you through your webcam and microphone.

  • And more...

O&O ShutUp10 v1.3.1354 is easy to use and does not require installation. You can simply download it from the link below and run it on your PC. It will show you a list of features and settings that you can disable or enable with a simple switch. You can also use the recommended settings or create your own profile according to your needs.

How to Download O&O ShutUp10 v1.3.1354 for Free?

O&O ShutUp10 v1.3.1354 is a free download that you can get from the link below. Here are the steps to get it:

  • Go to

  • Click on the "Free Download" button and wait for the countdown to finish.

  • Click on the "Download File" button and save the zip file to your preferred location.

  • Extract the zip file and run the OOSU10.exe file to launch O&O ShutUp10 v1.3.1354 on your PC.

  • Enjoy using O&O ShutUp10 v1.3.1354 for free!

How to Use O&O ShutUp10 v1. ad790ac5ba


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