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Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3 Hai ((TOP)) Full Movie Download Mp4

Rocky and Kanhaiya realise that this has been all Karjatiya's doing and Rocky devises another plan. He lies to Karjatiya that he has a girlfriend, Vidya and doesn't love his first wife anymore but to make matters worse, Karjatiya demands that he wants to meets Vidya later when the family goes for a beach picnic. There, Kanhaiya dresses as a woman and poses as Vidya to convince Karjatiya who gets attracted to him along with Kanhaiya's father. When they question Kanhaiya's disappearance, Vidya lies that he is in the mall resulting in everyone going to the mall looking for him. Kanhaiya and Rocky are terrified to find DVDs of their films in the same store in the mall as the family and quickly decide to buy all of it to hide them but the shop owner delays them and in a scuffle, the DVDs get scattered around and everyone learns about the duo's dirty business and Karjatiya calls off the wedding. Upon hearing this, Vidya (Kanhaiya) decides to kill himself and runs to the beach where he, Rocky, PK, Karjatiya and Sindoor get stuck in a quicksand and they figure out that Vidya is Kanhaiya. Mickey and Shalu arrive in a hot air balloon to their rescue after being informed by Karjatiya's parrot and they successfully save everyone.After everyone accepts their mistakes, Karjatiya forgives Kanhaiya and allows him to marry Shalu while Mickey decides to direct family movies only.

Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3 Hai Full Movie Download Mp4



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