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Short Essay On Kerala Food

In this essay on Kerala food, you will know about various cuisine in Kerala. Below we have also provided the list of delicious food list. Students and children can take help from this essay for their exam and projects.

Short Essay On Kerala Food

Organic foods are priced higher than conventionally grown food due to the more labour-intensive work, the cost of certification, and reduced crop yield as no chemical fertilizer is used to increase production in the short term. Due to this price difference, only a few sections of society have access to organic food. This is being improved slowly as the growth of the organic food industry has increased as demand for organic foods is ever increasing.

Organic foods have both environmental and nutritional benefits backed up by studies. The system of farming it follows is based upon maintaining a balance with nature. It uses agricultural practices such as crop rotation, inter-crop farming to keep the soil enriched of its nutritional contents and prevent soil erosion. It also reduces pollution as the chemical fertilizers and pesticides used in farming seep down to pollute the groundwater. The demand for organic food is increasing, which will lead to an increase in organic farming practices. The essays contain detailed information about the same.

The annual plan schemes for 2016-17 were formulated focusing on the thrust areas and strategies for increasing the productivity in agriculture from the current levels. The key initiatives taken by the Department of Agriculture in 2016-17 for the improvement of agricultural sector included integrated food crop production programme focusing on self- sufficiency in vegetable production including comprehensive rice development, modernization of existing farms and labs and establishment of new labs, institutional mechanism for marketing, focusing initially on vegetables development of farmers markets and setting up of agriculture markets, production and distribution of quality planting materials, comprehensive fallow land cultivation with people's participation, strengthening extension activities, Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) plus model of extension, rejuvenation of spices economy, crop health management covering pests and disease surveillance, promotion of organic farming and safe food production, crop insurance, establishment of 20 Agro Service Centres (ASCs) and strengthening the existing ASCs for improved service delivery, revival package for pepper in Wayanad. In 2016-17, the Harithakeralam Mission has been launched focusing on food crop production, waste management and water resource conservation and development. 350c69d7ab


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