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The Best Weapons, Outfits, and Tips for Chicken Gun 3

The US Federal Aviation Administration has a unique device for testing the strength of windshields on airplanes. The device is a gun that launches a dead chicken at a plane's windshield at approximately the speed the plane flies.

The ballistic chicken shattered the windshield, broke the engineer's chair and embedded itself in the back wall of the engine's cab. The British were stunned and asked the FAA to recheck the test to see if everything was done correctly.

chicken gun 3


Presumably you know that aerospace companies often fire chickens at test aircraft canopies to see how they would stand up to flying through a flock of birds during takeoff? This is true of British Aerospace also, however one time it went wrong.

Just before lunch, the engineers set up the chicken-cannon, loaded a frozen chicken into it, and left for the canteen. The chicken would be just about defrosted by the time they got back to do the test. When they came back, they got behind the protective wall, started the high-speed cameras (to play back in detail what happens), and fired the chicken at the canopy. Normally, it should just bounce off, or make a nasty dent. This time, the canopy was destroyed. Bits everywhere. Having checked the cannon, and looked through the (expensive) wreckage, they decided to view the film, to see if it would provide any clues. It did. During lunch, a cat had climbed into the cannon, lured by the smell of fresh chicken, became part of the test.

Much as we hate to disagree with anyone with an army behind him, we just have to. The basic story (frozen bird fired by nincompoops) has been around for years, with the details always in flux. One researcher spotted a 1990 version, except in it those foolish British train engineers were said to be American jet engine designers, so the frozen chicken was fired not at a train window but at a jet engine. A 1988 book about Australian urban legends contained our chicken cannon tale, and in that version, once again American engineers testing a jet engine mistakenly fired a frozen chicken at it with disastrous results. That 1988 sighting of our legend described it as "an old legend of uncertain origin" which "re-emerged briefly in Australia after the space shuttle disaster of January 1986."

The chicken gun (also known as the chicken cannon, turkey gun, or rooster booster) has been around since 1972. It's used for the "chicken ingestion test," one of a series of stress tests required by the Federal Aviation Administration before a new jet engine design can be certified. The tests take place in a concrete building large enough to enclose an entire jet engine. With the engine operating at full speed, the cannon uses compressed air to shoot chicken carcasses into the turbine at 180 mph. (The Air Force is known to launch its poultry projectiles at 400 mph into F-16 canopies.)

Some engineers prefer to go for realism in these tests and thus buy still-feathered firing fowl from game farms. (Er, at this point I should mention the birds are dead when cannonized.) Others, however, buy their catapulting poultry at the supermarket. Those who favor using thawed birds keep the carcasses frozen until just before test time, when a session in the microwave restores the avian missiles to a more natural condition. Not everyone fires thawed birds: before switching to fake birds, the U.S. Air Force traditionally launched frozen ones. (Sensitive to the concerns of animal-rights activists, they now fling birds made of clay and plastic at canopies and engines.) The way the Air Force had it figured, if a canopy could survive an impact with a frozen bird, it would certainly live through a chance introduction to one that could still fly under its own power. They further believed cold chickens provided a better simulation of a bird that had tensed to prepare for the impact.

  • Depending upon whom you hear the story from, the FAA, NASA, the Air Force, or "an American aircraft company" lends its chicken gun to engineers in another country.

  • The most common telling says those engineers were British, but other versions of the story say they were French or American. Likewise, what's being tested varies, with train windows, jet engines, and cockpit canopies mentioned.

  • In a favorite version, a cat sneaks into the barrel of the gun and is helping itself to a cold chicken dinner when the contraption is fired. (Then again, I just like saying "catapoultry.")


The Air Force wanted to mitigate the damage caused by bird strikes, but simulating a bird hitting an aircraft at high speed in a controlled environment is a tough challenge. The Aeronautical Systems Division at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Ohio teamed up with ballistic range experts at Arnold to build a chicken gun from scratch, including an 8-inch naval gun that Arnold Air Force Base happened to have on hand, the press release explained.

The chicken gun at Arnold, also known as the Rooster Booster, was not the first in the world. A similar device developed in the early 1940s by the Civil Aeronautics Administration (precursor to the Federal Aviation Administration) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania could launch 17-pound carcasses as fast as 400 miles per hour, Flying Magazine reported in 1943. But the Arnold facility was a step up in terms of speed, and it helped American aircraft designers make major gains in the decades since it was first fired at an F-111 crew escape module in the fall of 1972.

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When the chicken carcass hit the test subject, high-speed cameras capturing thousands of frames per second helped engineers analyze the mayhem and design stronger materials. But preventing canopies and windshields from breaking was only part of the battle: engineers also had to prevent them from bending inwards, too.

Though the press release did not provide an exact date as to when the chicken gun at Arnold fired its last shot, chicken guns in general are still used to test out parts of aircraft. One video from 2009 shows a four-pound bird carcass being launched at an F-35 canopy at about 552 miles an hour at a Lockheed Martin test facility.

That value of kinetic energy should give you an idea of how piercing the impact can be. Translating the value of kinetic energy into a force is quite complicated since the force depends on the structural properties both of the bird and of the hit structure. That's why chicken guns are still in use despite the fancy simulation tools run during the design phase.

Separately, if we consider the numbers in the wikipedia article you posted, $V = 350\mathrmmi/h = 513\mathrmft/s$. If we assume the same rate of energy dissipation as the MythBusters test and a 4lb chicken, then:

Then at the beginning of Act 4 Chapter 3 clear the first area of enemies and then run straight and you will find a tower of boxes with the third and final ammo box on top of them. Kick it and it will fall of the edge. Moments later the pirate chicken will fly up on a bird plane made of ammo boxes and drop 4 Cluckshots.

The characteristic of Chicken Gun is that the graphic design style is extremely simple but impressive. Players will not find the images are so carefully designed and realistic as in the classic shooting games. However, in this game, they will have a close and fun feeling with the image of cute chubby chickens. Moreover, they have diverse expressions and often have super funny action scenes. So it delivers the great entertainment that many gamers expect.

The chicken is a domesticated fowl. As one of the most common and widespread domestic animals, and with a population of more than 24 billion in 2003, there are more chickens in the world than any other bird. Humans keep chickens primarily as a source of food, consuming both their meat and their eggs. In Crysis, they are used a lot by players in Sandbox 2 and for doing throwing or kills with it.

Chickens can be used as throwing weapons and can kill a normal Korean grunt with several throws in strength mode for some reason. A normal throw will either knock them down or distract them. One shot from any gun can kill a chicken.

Armed chickens? shoot and fight with each other?. Shooting on the network with two modes, 5? vs 5? and against all. You can cool your rooster, weapon, beak, sneakers and caps. Throw explosive eggs and arrange a slaughter. Join to chickens firefight.

Incredibly, there was an attempt to sneak past Fort Lauderdale Airport-based TSA agents with a firearm tucked into a chicken. The chicken was raw, but that didn't stop TSA from discovering the bizarre concealment.

Police were called to a Kaukamana Road home in Maili after midnight Saturday morning. Detectives described the scene as an illegal "chicken fight" in an open lot in the back of the house. Witnesses say shots were fired, and the crowd dispersed. The five victims drove themselves to the Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center, where two men later died from gunshot wounds.

A prospective air traveler was roasted by the Transportation Security Administration on social media on Monday after officers with the federal agency said it caught the person trying to conceal a gun inside a raw chicken stashed in their carry-on luggage.

"The plot chickens as we barrel our way closer to Thanksgiving," a TSA spokesperson wrote. "For us, it's a time to be thankful that our officers are always working around the cluck to keep you safe. Take for instance this 'hen you believe it?' find at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport."

In 1996, the Chicken Gun was used to fire plastic spheres rather than chickens to simulate rocket tube cover debris that could possibly impact crew the cab of the U.S. Army High Mobility Artillery System vehicle following rocket launches. This marked the first time since the early 1970s that the range was used to fire anything other than chicken carcasses.

Chicken Gun lets you try the war of chickens. Not instinctively fighting, of course. The chickens in this game deserve a warrior. Surely no one could think that chickens could take a gun to fight. But it did happen in this game, even though it was a fictitious detail. Chicken Gun towards a professional gunfight not inferior to action games you have ever played. As mentioned before, the only difference is that in the levels here the chickens will own. Refreshing a more realistic fighting mode helps the chickens to be confirmed their ability.


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