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Cities: Skylines - Mass Transit Activation Key Crack !!INSTALL!!

Bangkok has haltingly taken the first major stepstoward a mass transit system. A comprehensive system was first proposed in the70s; but construction only started in 1994, and the first 26 km line wasn'tcompleted until December 5th - after I'd left Thailand. The first line has 24stations largely in the central areas of Bangkok and was built by a privateconsortium of a Thai company with Bombardier - so the deal was that fares wouldbe set to recover the 1.7 billion US$ construction costs, and provide a profitfor the builders. Of course, budgets overran, and the economic crisis createdmajor financing problems. So, while I was in Thailand there was major publiccontroversy over fares: after much public debate and maneuvering, they were setat 15 baht for rides up to two stations long, and rise to a maximum of 40 baht.This is well beyond what the average Bangkok resident can afford on a regularbasis, so how much it will help with the current pollution problems remains tobe seen.

Cities: Skylines - Mass Transit activation key crack



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