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Navra Mazha Navsacha: How a Couple's Journey to Fulfill a Vow Turns into a Hilarious Adventure

Navra Mazha Navsacha Full Movie Hd 720p: A Hilarious Marathi Comedy

If you are looking for a comedy movie that will make you laugh out loud, then you should watch Navra Mazha Navsacha, a Marathi movie released in 2004. The movie stars Sachin Pilgaonkar and Supriya Pilgaonkar as a married couple who go on a journey from Mumbai to Ganpatipule to fulfill a vow. The movie is directed by Sachin Pilgaonkar himself, who is also a famous actor, singer, and producer in Marathi cinema. The movie is loosely based on the Hindi movie Bombay to Goa, but has its own charm and humor. In this article, we will tell you more about the movie, its plot, its review, and where you can watch or download it in HD quality.

Navra Mazha Navsacha Full Movie Hd 720p


Navra Mazha Navsacha is a Marathi comedy movie that revolves around the journey of a husband and wife from Mumbai to Ganpatipule, a coastal town in Maharashtra. The couple, Wacky (Sachin Pilgaonkar) and Bhakti (Supriya Pilgaonkar), have been married for 10 years but have not been successful in their life. One day, Bhakti meets Wacky's aunt who tells her that they are facing bad luck because of an unfulfilled vow by Wacky's father. The vow was to go nude in a temple at Ganpatipule to please Lord Ganesha. Bhakti tries to convince Wacky to fulfill the vow, but he is not ready to do so. He takes the help of his friend Kishore (Atul Parchure) and goes to a fraud Baba who tells them that they can take a mannequin dressed as Wacky secretly in a public transport to the temple and fulfill the vow. Kishore and Wacky hide the mannequin in a bus that is going to Ganpatipule early morning. But unknown to them, a smuggler has hidden diamonds in the mannequin. What follows is a series of hilarious incidents that involve various characters like Lalu (Ashok Saraf), the bus conductor, Bahadur (Johnny Lever), a Nepali driver, Sheila Raje (Reema Lagoo), a film actress, and many others.

Plot Summary

The movie begins with Wacky and Bhakti celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary with their friends. They are unhappy with their life as they have not achieved anything despite working hard. They also have frequent arguments with each other. Bhakti meets Wacky's aunt who tells her about the vow that Wacky's father had made but never fulfilled. She says that if Wacky fulfills the vow, their luck will change for good. Bhakti believes her and tries to persuade Wacky to go to Ganpatipule and complete the vow.

Wacky is reluctant to do so as he thinks it is absurd and embarrassing. He takes Bhakti to a fake Baba who tells them that they can use a mannequin instead of going nude themselves. He also gives them a special cloth that can make them invisible. Wacky agrees to this plan and buys a mannequin from a shop. He dresses it up as himself and hides it in a bus that is leaving for Ganpatipule at night. He also books two tickets for himself and Bhakti on the same bus.

Meanwhile, a smuggler named Babu Kaalia (Pradeep Patwardhan) has stolen some diamonds from his boss and plans to escape with them. He sees Wacky hiding the mannequin in the bus and thinks it is a good place to hide his diamonds. He puts them inside the mannequin's mouth and leaves.

The next morning, Wacky and Bhakti board the bus along with other passengers like Lalu, Bahadur, Sheila Raje, Kishore, and others. They sit near the back seat where the mannequin is hidden under a blanket. Wacky tries to act normal but gets nervous when Lalu comes near them. Lalu is suspicious of Wacky and Bhakti as they behave strangely.

The bus stops at various places on its way to Ganpatipule. At one place, Lalu discovers the mannequin under the blanket and thinks it is a dead body. He informs Bahadur about it and they decide to inform the police. But before they can do so, Wacky uses the cloth given by Baba to make himself invisible and takes away the mannequin from under their nose.

Wacky then puts the mannequin on another bus that is going ahead of them. He rejoins Bhakti on their bus and tells her what he did. They think they have solved their problem but soon realize that they have created more trouble for themselves.

The other bus has some passengers who are part of a tamasha group (a folk theatre troupe). They see the mannequin on their bus and think it is one of their props. They take it with them when they get down at their destination.

Wacky and Bhakti follow them and try to get back their mannequin without being noticed. But they face many obstacles like angry villagers, police officers, film directors, etc.

Meanwhile, Babu Kaalia also follows them as he wants his diamonds back. He also faces many difficulties like being chased by his boss's men, being mistaken for an actor, being arrested by police, etc.

The movie ends with Wacky finally reaching Ganpatipule with his mannequin after many adventures. He goes inside the temple with Bhakti and fulfills his father's vow by going nude under his invisibility cloth.

However, he gets exposed when his cloth falls off accidentally due to Lalu's mischief. Everyone sees him naked in front of Lord Ganesha's idol and laughs at him.

Wacky feels humiliated but also relieved as he has completed his task.

Bhakti hugs him and tells him that she loves him no matter what.

The movie ends with Wacky saying that he has learned his lesson and will never make any vows again.

Movie Review

Navra Mazha Navsacha is a comedy movie that entertains you with its witty dialogues, hilarious situations, and funny characters. The movie has a simple plot but it keeps you engaged with its twists and turns.

The movie has many strengths such as:

  • The chemistry between Sachin Pilgaonkar and Supriya Pilgaonkar as Wacky and Bhakti. They are real-life husband and wife who have worked together in many movies before this one. They play their roles with ease and charm.

  • The performance of Ashok Saraf as Lalu, who steals every scene he is in with his comic timing and expressions. He makes you laugh with his antics and comments.

  • The direction of Sachin Pilgaonkar who has also written the screenplay for this movie. He has adapted Bombay to Goa into Marathi culture without losing its essence or humor.

  • The music by Amar Haldipur who has composed some catchy songs for this movie like Chala Na Gade, Majhya Navryachi Bayko, Ganpati Bappa Morya, etc.

  • The cinematography by Sanjay Jadhav who has captured the scenic beauty of Ganpatipule and its surroundings.

Here is the continuation of the article. The movie has some weaknesses such as:

  • The length of the movie which is 140 minutes. Some scenes could have been trimmed or edited to make the movie more crisp and fast-paced.

  • The repetition of some jokes and gags that lose their impact after a while. For example, the scene where Wacky and Bhakti pretend to be deaf and dumb to avoid Lalu's questions.

  • The lack of originality in some aspects of the movie. The movie is a remake of Bombay to Goa which itself was a remake of a Tamil movie. Some of the scenes and characters are similar to the original movies.


Navra Mazha Navsacha is a movie that will make you laugh with its witty dialogues, hilarious situations, and funny characters. The movie has a simple plot but it keeps you engaged with its twists and turns. The movie has a good cast and crew who have done a commendable job in making this movie. The movie has some flaws but they are overshadowed by its strengths. The movie is a good entertainer that you can watch with your family and friends.

We give this movie a rating of 7.5 out of 10 and recommend it to anyone who loves comedy movies.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Navra Mazha Navsacha:

Where can I watch or download Navra Mazha Navsacha Full Movie Hd 720p?

You can watch or download Navra Mazha Navsacha Full Movie Hd 720p from various online platforms like YouTube, Hotstar, Zee5, etc. You can also buy or rent the DVD of the movie from Amazon or other sites.

Is Navra Mazha Navsacha a remake of another movie?

Yes, Navra Mazha Navsacha is a remake of the 1972 Hindi movie Bombay to Goa, which itself was a remake of the 1966 Tamil movie Madras to Pondicherry.

What are some other popular Marathi comedy movies?

Some other popular Marathi comedy movies are:

  • Ashi Hi Banwa Banwi: A 1988 comedy movie directed by Sachin Pilgaonkar and starring Ashok Saraf, Laxmikant Berde, Sachin Pilgaonkar, and Supriya Pilgaonkar.

  • Zapatlela: A 1993 horror comedy movie directed by Mahesh Kothare and starring Laxmikant Berde, Mahesh Kothare, Dilip Prabhavalkar, and Madhu Kambikar.

  • Mumbai Pune Mumbai: A 2010 romantic comedy movie directed by Satish Rajwade and starring Swapnil Joshi and Mukta Barve.

  • Natarang: A 2010 drama comedy movie directed by Ravi Jadhav and starring Atul Kulkarni, Sonalee Kulkarni, Kishor Kadam, and Priya Berde.

  • Mee Shivajiraje Bhosale Boltoy: A 2009 comedy drama movie directed by Santosh Manjrekar and starring Sachin Khedekar, Mahesh Manjrekar, Makarand Anaspure, and Suchitra Bandekar.

Who is Sachin Pilgaonkar and what are his other works?

Sachin Pilgaonkar is a versatile actor, singer, director, and producer in Marathi and Hindi cinema. He started his career as a child artist in the 1960s and has acted in more than 200 movies in various languages. He has also directed more than 10 movies and produced several movies and TV shows. Some of his notable works are:

  • Geet Gaata Chal: A 1975 Hindi musical drama movie directed by Hiren Nag and starring Sachin Pilgaonkar and Sarika.

  • Nadiya Ke Paar: A 1982 Hindi romantic drama movie directed by Govind Moonis and starring Sachin Pilgaonkar and Sadhana Singh.

  • Aisi Bhi Kya Jaldi Hai: A 1996 Hindi family drama movie directed by Sachin Pilgaonkar and starring Sachin Pilgaonkar, Ashok Saraf, Archana Puran Singh, and Vivek Mushran.

  • Ideachi Kalpana: A 2010 Marathi comedy drama movie directed by Sachin Pilgaonkar and starring Sachin Pilgaonkar, Ashok Saraf, Bhargavi Chirmuley, and Mahesh Kothare.

  • Katyar Kaljat Ghusali: A 2015 Marathi musical drama movie directed by Subodh Bhave and starring Sachin Pilgaonkar, Subodh Bhave, Amruta Khanvilkar, and Shankar Mahadevan.

What is the meaning of Navra Mazha Navsacha?

The meaning of Navra Mazha Navsacha is "My Husband is My New One". It is a phrase that implies that the husband has changed for good after fulfilling his vow.


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